Uncle Simon's Traditions

Many years ago in the small, coastal city of Barranquilla Colombia, special family traditions were born in the kitchen of Uncle (Tío) Simon. With a zest for living life to the fullest through family and food, Uncle Simon started testing out new recipes. Over time, he became as famous for his bold flavors as he was for his love of eating!

Family members began to make special requests for Uncle Simon’s unique creations and even his niece and nephew who moved to the United States would bring his salsa home in their suitcases after family visits. All their friends and family members in the U.S. loved the unique flavors so they started to ask themselves: How can we bring the taste of Colombia and our unique family recipes to the U.S.? They started re-creating Uncle Simon's secret recipes in their own kitchens and then created Uncle Simon’s Traditions to share them with you!

With fresh, all natural and tasty ingredients, every product from Uncle Simón’s Traditions is made to represent the heart of Uncle Simón and his love for food and family. Enjoy!


Alfonso Chicre, Owner

Alfonso Chicre

Claudia Fenn, Owner

Claudia Fenn